Auto Select Read Only Based on previous answer

I need to make a default selecction with a read-only question. The previous choice is the veg type in an ecosystem, so I need the next select_one question to be the “kind of adaptation to fire” Like the image. Any one could help me?

Welcome @gonzalezjuan,
for the following question adaption to fire you set read_ònly (column) to true and use a calculation with a cascading if( ${TIP_VEG] = ‘BG’ or ${TIP_VEG] = ‘BB’ …, ‘CodeNameOfSensible’, if( …, ‘CodeNameOfAdapto’, if( …, ‘CodeNameOfOtros’, ‘’)) ) to set the select_one value (name, not label) for the adapation to fire.

Other options to set the adaption value with the calculation are to

  1. use a mapping choice list with duplicates allowed and the TIP_VEG as choice_filter, like
    choice_list | name | choice_filter
    Mapping | CodeNameSensible | BG |
    Mapping | CodeNameSensible | BA |
  2. use a pulldata mapping list.

Pay attention to the general name rules, no slash allowed.

I would like to suggest to always try the search function of this forum, e.g.


Thank you!!! I´ll check it.

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