Automatic Sync of one form's output to another questions' answer options


I have a slight issues with the form building process. TL;DR: I have two forms - form A is for registering respondent; and form B is for updating respondent’s progress/activities overtime. In form A, I created a unique ID code for each respondent - intending to use the same ID code in form B to continually update their activities/progress overtime.

Does Kobo has an equivalent (or similar) of macro-enabled function in excel where I can immediately can select from lists of option of respondent ID? If not, what is the recommended approach to this whole situation?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Welcome to the community, @darapheak! Have you gone through our support article Dynamic Data Attachment? It should solve your issue:

Hello Kal,

Thank you for your response! Yes, I’ve been trying to utilize the dynamic data attachment for quite a few days. However, I actually run to some of the problem. Every time, I try to fill the round 2 survey, the unique id code of the respondent is not showing up - even though, i have already done from what the documentation guide has told me so far.

I have attached the picture of both round 1 & round 2 survey for your reference. Can you help review the syntax of the calculation - maybe there’s something missing from the syntax that doesn’t allow the result that i want.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


@darapheak, if you look at the support article closely you will note that there should be a 5 minutes delay syncing the parent project’s updated data with the child project.


I should have mentioned in the previous inquiry. I’ve already waited for a five-minute delay sync (multiple times, actually!); nevertheless, the sync never shows in the children project.

I guess, that’s why I’m asking if there’s any problem with my syntax.

I would be much appreciated if you can point out where’s my problem lies.

Thank you!

Maybe you will need to share your xlsform with the community, @darapheak!

Hello Kal,

Here’s my round 1 & 2 xlsx form for your perusal & review. As you can see, I’m trying to get the individual ID code from the round 1 survey, but to no avail at the moment.
Round_1.xlsx (14.3 KB)
Round_2.xlsx (10.9 KB)

Hope you can help.