New Support Article: Dynamic Data Attachments [Case Management]

Dear All,

We are glad to inform you that with the recent release of new feature Dynamic Data Attachments (Case management) in KoBoToolbox, we have added a new support article Dynamic Data Attachments to our support page.

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This is a great new feature, way to go team Kobo!

Will it ever be possible to share metadata, like today, from Parent to Child project?

After connecting two projects, if you add new fields to the Parent project that you want to use in the Child project, you have to re-import the Parent project in the Child project settings. Might be worth mentioning in support article, if not there already.


Thank you for the suggestion @mike.destaubin! We will also include the suggestion in our next version of the article.

Sure thing @Kal_Lam!

Another thing maybe to mention is that it’s possible for the Parent and Child project to be the same project.

For example, if the Child form is used everyday to survey the same person over the course of two weeks, you can link it to itself to count the number of forms that have been submitted previously for the same person.


This should also be possible @mike.destaubin! We will also keep this in mind when updating our article.


Thats really a great work.Also, was requested in the past…Surely u have done a great job…

But can i get xlsforms of parent and child (as shown in screen) to test out…?

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There is a hyperlink in the support article @vicks88 from where you could download the xlsforms as well.

Good luck!

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oh yes,there is…


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receiving error when xls uploaded (parent n child)


You will need to follow the exact steps as outlined in the support article.

This is so cool for case management!!

May I ask a if this only apply to project in Kobo toolbox is it? We cannot reference from the ODK or google sheet?


Maybe you will need to contact the ODK and Google Sheet team for the same.

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Thank you team, this will be very usefull!

One question. If I take the last example from this support article.
Is it possible to overwrite prefilled (from parent project) information in the child project questionnaire?
In this way, in case of errors submitted in the parent project the enumerators can still correct it in the child project questionnaire?



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thanks for the mentionning this!

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@Sven1, do you mean you want to load the information from a parent form tot he child form and update them in the child form if there is any updates for the information? If this is what you are looking for, please be informed that IT IS POSSIBLE.

I mean if you load f.e. an address in the child form from the parent project.
Is it possible to overwrite the address in the child form with a new address (let`s say the address has changed).

I read above here that it is possible to dynamically link your project to the same project.
In that case above question means that you can continuously update existing information using the same form. Correct?

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Yes, when you update a child form, the information gets stored in the child project (and not in the parent project).

Yes, this is also possible. We will update the article for this very soon.

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I am not sure to understand this reply? Could you be more specific?
It would be extremely usefull to reference from an google sheet.


Great, Thanks!

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Awesome! Thanks for this update! Looking forward to use this in the future.