Avaibility of Users Guide

Hi Kalam,

It is very interesting app I am enjoying and excited to develop data collection app on KoboCollect.

May I know if there is availibility of Advance Users Guide in pdf or in any means or help files available for App developers ?

It would be grate for me to develop apps on KoboCollect.

Withg Best Regards,

@rameshpradhan, this post discussed previously should list you out all the available support sites:

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You can start with the Help Center articles.
See link below.

And during development you should always use the online validator. see https://getodk.org/xlsform/.

If you go further, also the XForm specification may be helpful, e.g. for available functions https://getodk.github.io/xforms-spec/#xpath-functions.

Also a compairison between Collect and Enketo (Webform) features might be interesting.

If you want to use Collect, I would recommend ODK Collect (which is the leading base for KoboCollect).

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