Avoiding duplication in a repeat group

In one case I have collected several Household members data through using a repeat group. Later I want to use those names from the repeat group as a choice list for further questions…
Now, the issue is I will use those names in a repeat group and I want to avoid duplication in this group. To be mentioned, I ant to use the repeat count here.
I am giving an example-

  1. Respondent need to enter their household size
  2. Using the HHsize a repeat group will be appeared and here respondent will enter several information.
  3. After that they will see a list of names from which they will select one and relevant to their background information from earlier, more question will appear.
  4. After that they will select another one and continue
  5. I don’t want add button, instead is there a way to make a repeat group for 3rd and later process? like using a repeat count?
  6. Or is there a way to gradually vanish a choice after being selected in a repeat group?

Hi @firony and welcome to the community!

This post by Kal should help you with your problem:

Yes. I tried that. But the problem is my Choice list is coming from an earlier repeat group. It’s showing in valid.
Even when I am trying this from it is not valid. See the form

type name label calculation hint constraint
integer hh hh_size
calculate C1 join(’ ', ${Q1})
begin repeat RG Repeat Group
calculate C2 position(…)
calculate C3 if (${C2} = 1, ‘~’, substr(${C1}, 0, string-length(${C1})-string-length(${Q1})))
calculate V Value ${hh}-${C2}
select_one Q1 Q1 Choose an appropriate option #${C2} (chosen so far: ${C3}) remain- ${V} not(selected(${C3}, ${Q1}))
end repeat