Blank charts in Data Analyser


I’m trying to use the Data Analyser for the first time.

I’ve successfully added my data, survey and choices - but whatever options I choose the charts remain blank.

Has anybody else had this problem, or have any idea where I might be going wrong?

Any tips would be hugely appreciated!


Natalie Stanton

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I am experiencing the same issue, any help?

I also have had the same problem. :persevere:

Hi guys, is this about the XLSAnalyser? I’m tagging the creator of this tool @ximboden here, hopefully he can provide more help.

Usually this means that something in the XLS file wasn’t configured correctly.

yes i experienced same problem too in excel analyser, charts cant display

Has anyone received an answer to this? If so, please share. I have tried to follow the manual carefully, but still blank charts.

HI @joshua_mwaro123, @david_shields, @nephas, @debora

Please visit the YouTube link provided below which should guide you out on how to use the xlsanalyzer:


I also have the same problem although I followed all the instructions in the videos and the manual… :relaxed:
Thnaks for the help guys:!!!

same issue…i now need to analyse my data.i have followed all steps but am stuck with empty graphs that have headers and all …not even one question is displaying .
if anyone has a solution please share

Hi @alindebele
Welcome to the community forum.

We do have a known issue with excel analyzer and this has been discussed in the forum, Can you confirm whether your issues are resolved with the earlier post from @Kal_Lam


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I tried playing around with my survey & choices but nothing, now had to do it manually on excel :pensive:


Did any one find a solution to this problem of blank charts? I have the same issue, tried following the videos and the manual step by step but couldn’t find any solution there.
Any help??

Same - still no solution to the empty graphs?

Welcome to the community, @luciasolda! FYR:

Hi, thanks! What announcement (I only see the one for Turkey-Syria)?

Hi @luciasolda,

This announcement:

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