Bring back Excel Analyzer to the download tab!

I can see than from the previous update KoboToolbox no longer support the Excel Analyser. The option has dissapear.

I found the excel analyser a great tool ( notwithstanding the shortcoming in the set up, reported HERE by @chloelaborde
I, and other colleagues in my organizations use to use the tool for single anaylsis and it is a pity that now we have to download the data and the form and manually copy paste in the empty form.:frowning: BRING IT BACK PLEASE…Also if possible to solve the “_” bug reported would be great.

@nca_hum_div, the recent announcement with KoBoToolbox version 2.021.06, 2.021.06a has removed Excel Analyser. You could however access it through the OCHA site as outlined in the announcement:

Hi @Kal_Lam , I know but it is a little unconvenient to dowload, and populate the data everytime…that is a pity that the file is not “ready for download” anymore…
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