Bug in multiple choice

I have been trying to edit multiple choice questions and when I edit one and save my changes, the preview has copied it to the next multiple choice question. Anyone have a solution to this?

Hui @WinS,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that looking at the screenshot you shared it’s obvious that you are still with the select_one question type.

Also kindly please be informed that changing the question type from one question type to other is not possible in KoBoToolbox form builder UI. For this you will have to delete the question and then draft a new question in the form builder UI.

Hence, as an alternate would you mind trying out the following steps, it should solve your issue:

  • Download your survey project in an xlsform version.
  • Edit the questionnaire (i.e. by changing the select_one question type to select_multiple).
  • Save the changes in the xlsform and then replace the survey form with the edited xlsform in your KoBoToolbox server.
  • Deploy/redeploy.

Have a great day!

Thank you for your help! I’ve found that if I completely recreate the question it solves the issue. I can recreate with select multiple, but I only want users to be able to select one choice?

Hi @WinS
If I am getting you right, you want a select_multiple type of question and have it as a constraint that someone can only select one choice? If that is the case then this is a select_one question type. If you, however, insist on having this as multiple select, then you can make this by creating a constraint that only allows for selection of one option only (add the following to the constraints formula.



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Hello @WinS,
Also, regarding your answers in the screenshot which cannot overlap, this should be implemented as a select_one.
It doesn’t make much sense to create a select_multiple and constrain it to always force single selection. (And this wouldn’t be comfortable for the user, as the constraint_message would come after she/he made the error.) With a select_one, KoBo automatically only allows the user to chose/tick ONE choice (radio button).

The combination of select_multiple and a similar constraint only makes sense if the restriction is variable, like you can only select "Don’t know’ alone (but combine other choices).


Hi @WinS,

Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

Have a great day!

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