BUG Report: Images disappears when I upload a saved form

Hy Everybody!

something weird is happening to all my forms. When I upload a form already saved in the queue, the logos disappear. it happens with all my forms, I don’t know if it is some new bug, or it happened before but I never notice.

this is what I see when I upload a saved form :

But If i open an empty form, the logo is still there:

Any ideas or solutions?

thanks in advance


@chiaramarioni1, thank you for bringing this to the community. But please also be informed that we already have an issue with this in the community:

Sorry @Kal_Lam , I didn’t find the topic with le lens. I read it. So, the bug is still there, isn’it?

Yes, the issue is still there, though.

Dear @Kal_Lam,
Do we have a GitHub bug ticket already? Would you mind to add a link here, for follow-up, please?
Kind regards