Building an impact traceability solution

Hello community, we are developing a platform that allows to know the environmental and social impact of products, starting with agro-industrial and agricultural products in South America.
To do this, we need to collect different data, grouped into types of measures (environmental, social and governance) and then make calculations and determine the impact.
In addition to the above, to be able to give traceability to the products, so that consumers can know the origin and prefer them for their differentiation in the impact they have.
We are and have used KoboCollect and Kobotoolbox for some data sources, other data are delivered to us via excel, whatsapp, sensors, erp’s and basically whatever is necessary to have the information.
We would like to know if anyone has developed something similar and would be interested in talking with us to understand the best way to meet the challenges.
Thanks in advance, and love to connect.
Nico Millán

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