Bulk Data Management and User Management, Translation

Hello all,

I have few questions regarding with bulk data management with multiple forms.

I have multiple forms with same questions due to limitation of row-level permissions, no problem with that, we solved that issue with creating multiple clone forms.

Here are the questions:

Is there a way to export multiple forms in XLS format from the main projects page? right now I have to get in the form > data > downloads > export > download.

Well I think for now, that’s all. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, @hakan_cetinkaya! Do you mean you wish to export data from multiple projects in a single click for say project 1, project 2 and project 3 instead of going to project 1>data>downloads>export>download and repeating this for 3 consecutive times? Please correct me if I understood you wrongly.

Thank you for your warm welcome @Kal_Lam, and sorry again you need to split all of my questions.

Do you mean you wish to export data from multiple projects in a single click for say project 1 , project 2 and project 3

Yes, exactly that’s what i am asking.

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@hakan_cetinkaya sorry to inform you that this feature is not available with KoBoToolbox. You will need to download the same manually turn by turn.

Sorry to hear that, but thank you for your kind answer.

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Maybe you could explain here more the “limitation of row-level permissions” you have struggled with? There might be other options than duplicated projects.

@wroos Well, we are opening the pandora’s box huh? :slight_smile:

I have several teams operating from several offices in several provinces.
Let’s say there are:
TEAM 1 in OFFICE 1 in CITY 1
TEAM 2 in OFFICE 1 in CITY 1
TEAM 3 in OFFICE 2 in CITY 1
TEAM 4 in OFFICE 3 in CITY 1
TEAM 5 in OFFICE 4 in CITY 2
and so on, I think you get the general idea. I want the supervisor of the Offices to view submissions of their own teams (Like Office 1 sees team 1 and team 2). And the supervisor of the cities to view submissions of their own offices and teams. (Like City 1 sees Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4)

As far as I know, to be able to “view submissions” there is only two options:

  1. View all submissons,
  2. View submissions only from specific users.

There is no way to view submissions based on the answers provided. In other words, I can’t give permissions to view the forms to my supervisors based on the answer teams provided in the field.

Here comes the problem: team members are not permanent, and their computer skills are below average, we can not provide each team with a different username, like I asked in here: Is there a way to create bulk users from the project management page?

So my solution was to create duplicated forms for each office. If you think of any other way I would be very pleased to hear that.

Thank you.

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  1. Do you use KoBoCollect, ODK Collect or Enketo?
  2. Does SuperVisor (SV) only view or also edit?
  3. Does SV just need summary report or full case details?
  4. Number of SV per Office? And per City? 1 or many?

The general approach might be one account per distinct (grouped) ROLE, like City SV, Office SV and Team as a whole.

Hello @wroos

  1. Enketo.
  2. Depends on the SV (based on their information management skills, general computer usage skills, etc.)
  3. Full case details.
  4. 1 SV per Office. Many SV’s per City. Some SV’s can Validate, some can edit, some can view. (yeah i know)

I opened accounts for SV’s. But opening accounts for each Team is not feasible. The problem stands still, teams should not see each others’ answers, SV’s should see only the teams that they are SVing.

Actually what I would really like to see is a way to manage permissions based on answers. For instance when a question of “Which office are you working with?” is answered as Office 1, only Office 1’s SV sees that. (like a filter option for answers in the KoBo interface) but i came to conclusion that this can’t be done right now.

Thank you for your interest. Still, if anyone have any other suggestion I would gladly take it.

Hi @hakan_cetinkaya
I have followed the discussion on this trail and on the following issue.

You are right. This future is not supported within the forum.


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I think, you might only need ONE account for all Teams of the Office. (As SV area is the office.)

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