Calculating differences between integers and dates

Goat age: 2 Years 6 Months 15 Days and weight - 40 Kgs
we found 0 Year 8 Months 25 Days later weight 60 Kgs
Result : Calculate the difference time and weight.

Please help me to design the form.

Hi @mahabbat
I have moved this topic from cascading select to a different thread since it did not fit within that thread. As regards your query, I would strongly suggest you go through our support article on advanced calculate which is here

You can also look at some practical applications discussed in the following topics which would help you find your solution. Kindly do not hesitate to reach out with a sample form if you are experiencing any problems


Actually input two people age and calculate difference. But I am trying but fail. Plesse help me to design the form.

One People age is 2 years 5 months 15 days
another people age is 8 years 8 months 25 days

What is the difference in years months days

I can not design the form
Could you help me to design that form

Hi @mahabbat
Could you create the form with the data that present the two ages and then I can look at it?


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