Calculations within same group

Is there any way around the limitation of showing the result of a calculation that is based on questions within the same group?

I would like to show the calculated result on the same page/screen (on a phone) as the questions used to capture the input to the calculation.

Forcing the calculation as “required” doesn’t work; either in a required calculation or as a calculation within a required text question.


result of Value1 + Value2: (remains blank until user moves to next screen)


This is a known bug in Collect - multiple controls appearing on the same page (ie field-list) are not refreshed as a result of filling in other controls on the page. You can track this issue on github here:

OK. Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate your recent comments on the github discussion since its been a known problem for some time. It seems like an easy solution is not readily at hand.

I’d take a simple button on the screen/page called “Recalc” that the user can hit to then refresh the calculated controls instead of paging back and forth.