Can I auto-upload already collected data from excel

I have data that had been collected outside of Kobo. After I made some adjustments and amendments to it, I need to upload the final file to a Kobo project. Is there any way to do this automatically and not to enter them one by one?
I have been advised to use pull-data, but I am not sure this will serve my purpose.

@humam, it seems like you wish to upload data in your XLS format to your KoboToolbox server. Did I get it correct?

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@Kal_Lam Yes, is that possible?

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@Kal_Lam is there any document or article I would find my answer within? kindly advise me.

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HI Kal,
can we upload data using xls form to Kobo Server?

@humam, @dimesh this feature is yet not supported within our system. However, the current workaround for this is through the python script shared previously:

@humam, @dimesh we also have a features request for this in our suggestion box. Maybe you could VOTE for the same to make it a reality (in the near future):