Can I hyperlink to a website to help survey respondents answer a question?

I have built a survey data form in Kobotoolbox but I would like to add a hyperlink to a website into the Question Hint for one of the questions in order to help respondents answer it with a correct definition. Can anyone provide guidance on this?

Hi @erica_c, YES this is possible. Kindly make reference to this article - XLSForm Docs

And take note of the section:

  • add a link by using [name of link](url)

Hope this helps


Hi @surveyorjr . Thank you as well for your reply on this. Unfortunately my issue is the same - I built my survey in the Kobotoolbox Form Builder not in XLS Form Docs. Is there still a way to include a hyperlink in the Form Builder? Thank you

I actually just found the solution to my question here - Hyperlinks in questions

Thanks again for your help

@surveyorjr, :bowing_man: @erica_c :tada:

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