Can I restrict enumerators to be able to collect their own data only?

Is that possible to set permission for downloading data based on their account. I have specific case like that: I need to collect data from 3 locations (location A, B and C). I want to assign task for 3 data collectors to collect data in 3 locations (account A only collect data for location A, and so on) so they can’t select wrong location when collecting data (account A makes mistake and selection location B while he/she is in location A). After finish collecting data, each account can download data of their collected data from system to do some analysis (account A only extract data from location A, and so on). And I as admin can download all data.

I’m not sure Kobo can do it, and if it can, please guide me or show me some alternative solutions for my case.
Thanks a lot!

@truongnguyen, you could do this in KoBoToolbox. You will need to follow the steps outlined below to accomplish your needs:

You will first need to design your xlsform as outlined in this support article Adding Cascading Select Questions which will cascade the locations appropriately. As a workaround, you could also have a look at one of the post discussed previously, which should give you a clue of how to design it through an xlsform:

Once your survey project is ready, you will need to have 3 enumerator’s accounts, namely Enumerator_A that collects data for Location A, Enumerator_B that collects data for Location B, and Enumerator_C that collects data for Location C.

You will now have to share your survey project from your admin account to these enumerators’ accounts, as outlined in this support article Row-Level Permissions. Please be careful to follow the exact steps. If you miss any, you will not be able to achieve what you intend to.

Once everything is ready, you could advise your enumerators to configure their Collect android app as outlined in this support article:

Following these steps, Enumerator_A, Enumerator_B, and Enumerator_C, will be able to download all the entries made from his/her user account. And, you as an admin will be able to download all the entries made by Enumerator_A, Enumerator_B, and Enumerator_C.