Can I upload photos from the global server to my own server?

Hi people!

I was wondering if I can upload my photos from the global server to my own server, I know there is a project calls xls-import, but this just allowed upload the data from xlsx, but don’t images, files, audios, and so on.

Someone knows if can I do it?
Thank you so much!

Hi @SebastianZ
I have not seen a workaround that allows you to upload the collected media files. I will however leave this open for other users to chime in


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I would approach this requirement by writing a script to run on your own server, which will automatically download media using the API for every submission.

@SebastianZ, is this something you are looking for Adding Various Types of Media. You could add medias to a survey project as shown in the support article.

Alternatively, you could also upload a media (using url) as outlined in the post shared before:

I will explain it better.

You know I can upload data from a xlsx file to a different form in a different server, using the next Script GitHub - kobotoolbox/xls-import, but this Script only allowes upload the data in the .xlsx, because of that I can’t upload data like photos, audios, recording, and so on.

So I was wondering if there is a method to do it, or we should develop something like that?

Thank you so much!

Sorry, we do not have this feature at the moment. Maybe you could create a script for this too.

Do you know if we talk with the Data Base Administrator of KoBoToolbox in the humanitarian server, we can get the data base of us user?