Can my colleage analyse data from a form that I own?

Dear all, I would like to work with colleagues on a baseline, I just would like to know if it is possible for my colleague to analyze data from a form that I own? Appreciate for your answer. Best regards.

Hi @darlissatrya1977,

Welcome to the community! If you are trying to generate a custom report through your own survey project you will have the privilege to either work on the default report or create a new report (shown in the image below)

However, if you are trying to work on the custom report through a project shared by a colleague of yours (i.e. the survey project is not yours, and you have certain permissions as provided by the owner) you will be limited to work on the default report only (shown in the image below)

Dear @Karl_Lam, thanks for your help. Unfortunately, my colleague’s screen looks different from mine. His screen looks like this:

Why is there only “form” option on his screen? There are no summary, data and setting as they are in my screen. Please help.

All the best…

Hi @darlissatrya1977,

Your colleagues is able to see only the FORM tab for the project that you have shared with him/her as you must have shared only the View form or the Edit Form permissions. Play around with adding more sharing permissions (e.g. Edit Submissions) and s/he should be able to view the custom report as shared in the above post.

For this follow the instructions as mentioned below:

Select SETTINGS>Sharing>Invite collaborators.

Once you are here (as shown in the image above), you will see an area where you are allowed to Enter a username. Type the KoBo username correctly here. Then to its right side you will see an area with select mentioned. Here you will have the following options to select View Form, Edit Form, View Submissions, Add Submissions, Edit Submissions, Validate Submissions. Select one of them and press INVITE. If you wish to provide the user multiple permissions repeat the process by entering the same KoBo username (you entered earlier to provide permission over your project) and then providing another permission and then providing the INVITE again. You will need to repeat this process until you are done.

Hi @Karl_Lam, thank you so much for your help. It works very well now as I expected. Very much appreciated. All the best.

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