How do i share my survey projects to the desired person?

Hi, I cannot share my survey to the desire person I prefer,?

Hi @yadanar,

Kindly please see the discussions that have happened earlier. It should solve your issue:

Additionally, you could also learn a lot by going through the support article Managing Permissions.

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I wonder if the problem might be that the new user needs to have an account with Then you need to know their username and type it into the “Enter a username” box before assigning privileges.

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Hi @yadanar
In addition to what has been suggested, kindly check for the following

  1. Does the person have an account on KoBoToolBox? If No, please ask them to set up an account.
  2. Is their account on the same server as you I.e. if on Humanitarian or Researchers? If No then note you can only share when you are on the same server.
  3. If Yes to both above, kindly confirm if the account for the person is actually active I.e. they should have receieve an activation email and solved it.


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