Can not create account

Hello, i’m MEAL manager, my name is Andrii. Yesterday i tried to create account to our new employee, and all were good until he should receive an email-confirmation from KOBO, but he stil didn’t receive it, the name of account is “lavinlao3”. The server is European Union KoboToolbox Server. What could be the mistake? Should i try to create another new account ?

when it came to the point where he was supposed to receive an email confirming the creation of his account, but he didn’t.

@Andrii, kindly please be informed that I did not find any user account lavinlao3 under both our Global and EU servers. If you have already created your account and have still not received the confirmation email, kindly please feel free to reach us through We should be able to help you activate your account there.

O, thanks a lot for your quick and clear response. For now this person (for which mentioned account aims to be created) is in the field. When he back, I’ll check again, and will write to you.

Have a nice day.

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Dear @Kal_Lam, sorry for disturbed you, perhaps the problems were with the officer’s email. I’ve created a “third” account variant but on the manager’s email. When the officer’s email works properly I will change (into account settings) an email from the manager into the officer’s.

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