Can not view my data getting error message

502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway


Welcome back to the community, @joserapereira! Could you describe a bit (as at the moment, your issue seems a bit unclear) so that we could understand your issue (at our end) and troubleshoot? Maybe answering the following queries could make us clear:

  • Which server are you using?
  • What were you trying to do when you received this error message?

Thanks for your help. I am using humanitarian server.
I was trying to access the dta table

Is the issue still on? If yes, maybe we could help you if you could provide us with the following (through a private message):

  • Username
  • Project name

Hi Mal
The username is XXXXX
Project name: XXXX

Sorry about the name Kal

I have removed the identifier information.

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Hi @joserapereira.
The project you indicated does not appear on your project lists. Kindly confirm if this was your form or it was shared with you by someone else? If it was shared with you, then probably the owner withdrew your access rights to access the form.


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it’s the first project

@joserapereira, maybe a wider screenshot (where we could inspect other details) from your project dashboard should be helpful.

I’ve seen similar errors in the past. At that time it seemed that the server was overloaded; downloading the data at night helped.

More info: HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway -- when downloading form data

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I have erased around 20,000 records and still getting the same error. This started when the new update was done.

Hi @joserapereira
Are there other projects that actually load?

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