Can’t upload large media file (zipped) to the server

Thank you, team.

I have been trying to upload a zip file under the media, but, I keep getting ‘invalid content’ and failing to upload.

I am having challenges uploading a zipped file to media.

I have been trying to upload a zipped file to the media for more than 12 hours ago now and it is still not going. It keeps returning an error message as ‘invalid content’ while all I have zipped together are just pictures.

@tomisin, what file format are you trying to upload to the server?

pictures. jpg

@tomisin, what is its size?

They are in the range of 300 - 400 MB. When I first zipped all the pictures as 1 file, it is about 3GB. I then separated them into smaller units of 300 - 400 MB, however, I still could not upload them successfully.

@tomisin, it seems like it’s due to the large file size. Maybe you will need to reduce its size.

Thank you so much for the response, it is actually the size. Kobocollect is not uploading a zipped file that is above 70MB in size.

@Kal_Lam, if I upload the zipped picture files to google drive and make them public, can I link them to Kobocollect? If yes, how?

@tomisin, you should be able to do it as outlined in the post discussed previously: