Can you see which user submitted data?

Hi there! Question on user management:
I have a large number of users who are all submitting data into my form.
Is there a way to see or filter data submitted by a user within the data table?
I know I can use deviceid to see which device data is submitted from, but wondering if I can see which username the data was submitted via?


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If you are using KoboCollect for data collection, you will have to tell your users to go to General Settings -> User and Device Identity -> Form Metadata. Here, the users can enter their names, phone numbers, and email ID.
To see these values in your data report, you will have to add the following fields as questions to your form with no labels. :
username, phonenumber, email.
For further reference, please visit XLSForm Metadata


Thank you @paani. I’ve already trained them to add their metadata, so not a big jump just to add the meta data to my data export. Perfect. Thanks for your quick answer!

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