Can you tell the language that the data was collected in for multi-language forms?

We collected data using a Kobo form that could be used in 5 different languages. Is there a way of identifying which language each interview was conducted in?

Welcome @jturner,
not directly, as far as I know. Also be aware that a user can change the language any time, even during the interview, so the same filled form can include multiple languages.

Beside adding a question where the user enters her/his language used, e.g. as select_one LanguageUsed, there are workarounds: You can trace e.g. in a calculate variable

  • the language-based choice_label of one select_one question, with a calculation: jr:choice-name(${ChoiceVar}, ‘${ChoiceVar}’)
  • the localized name of the day (or month) with a calculation: format-date(${DateVar}, “%a”). For the DateVar you might also use here: ${today} from metadata, referencing the date of the first opening/save, or today() referencing the latest date of edit/save.

@jturner, this is not possible at the moment with KoboToolbox. But yes, you could definitely have a workaround as advised by @wroos! FYR, please also be informed that we do have a features request for this already. Maybe you could vote to make this a reality in the upcoming days: