Cannot attach additional file to form in KoboCollect (Smartphone)

Hello! I have a problem with kobokollect in my smartfone. I have got a workable form in kobo in my laptop. And this form also consist additional external *.csv file for correct work. This *.csv file conclude 32 000 rows. So when i launch form in my smartphone it is reported that the file *.csv does not exist! Could you please help me!

Welcome to the community, @Konstantin_nrc! Did you deploy (redeploy) your project after uploading the CSV file to the server? You could have issues if you failed to do the same.

Sure! I already done all of this! It seems like android application does not support upload additional file except main form! and because of this it does not work! You need to add option to upload csv and other media file to application for android! It Does not support now!

@Konstantin_nrc, could you share with the community the sample of your CSV file (with only 4~5 rows) to see if the CSV file format is OK?

It not a problem with csv file, because it works on laptop. It is a problem in android application! This application can see only the main form without any attachments

Welcome @Konstantin_nrc,
How do you upload the csv file to the server? Can you provide a screenshot, please?
Can you also provide a screenshot of the media view for the project on server level, please?

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I Upload it with using media from my laptop

This problem for over a year and the company does nothing to solve this problem

Dear @Kal_Lam,
Would you mind to take over, please?
As far as I can see here as active community member, a lot of users use the csv features without essential problems on Android.

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Error — ImgBB. A lot of mistakes in build form! But it works on laptop and does not work on mobile application! Because mobile application does not see external addtininal file *.cvs

Error2 — ImgBB .Why i see this? Which server should i use?

S21024-211309 — ImgBB That is what i have seen when i try to launch my form

any solutions?

@Konstantin_nrc, this is the format I saw when I opened your CSV file:

This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue (to correct your CSV file format):

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works in kobokollect web form and still does not work in android form

@Konstantin_nrc, as advised, did you format your CSV file following the post shared above?

exactly, i did, but nothing change! I solved my problem by input data from csv to main form. Only in this way form works correctly! But now i have another problem. Blanks from server does not sync with mobile device correctly! I see one blank on server and another blank on mobile phone regardless of setting on mobile phone! Please correct this!