Cannot logout of KoBoToolbox account


I am not able to logout of a KoBoToolbox account. This has happened several times over the past few weeks. It usually resolves itself at some point, but often involves trying multiple times over a few days. I collaborate on surveys with a few colleagues and occasionally need to switch between accounts, but am not able to do that right now.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to account (Actually, the problem usually arises because I am “always logged in” so I am already logged into the account when I open KoBoToolbox and then cannot logout.)
  2. Click on account icon.
  3. Click logout.

Expected behavior

Expected to be logged out of the account.

Actual behavior

Nothing happens. Stays on main project page.

Additional details

I’m using a Chrome web browser and have tried clearing the cache, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Clearing the cache logged me out of the community forum, but I am still logged into my colleague’s KoBoToolbox account.

Hi @jmaccarthy,

Would you mind letting us know the server (OCHA or HHI) you are using that has issues?


It is the HHI server. I tried clearing my entire cache, instead of clearing just the previous week, and was logged out the next time I opened KoBoToolbox. I think there is still a problem, though, because I cannot log out of the current account (unless I clear my cache again).

Hi @jmaccarthy,

Were you able to log out of your account previously? If yes and you started to face the issue currently, would you mind providing me your user name in a private message?

Have a great day!

I have actually been having trouble both logging out of my account and downloading forms from projects. Sometimes it works, but more often, nothing happens when I click on the link for whatever I’m trying to do (logging out or downloading forms). It seemed like things were working okay until about a month or so ago. I’ll send a private message shortly.


Hi @jmaccarthy,

Shouldn’t be a logout issue. I checked it out with both your accounts and i was able to successfully logout of the accounts.

Would you mind sharing me how you exactly logout of your account to check if you do it differently?

Have a great day!

Is there more than one way to logout? I clicked on the account icon in the upper right corner and then clicked where it says “Logout.” The word turns blue when I hover over it and click it.


I actually think I figured it out the problem, though. This is going to sound weird, but it only works when I use the physical button on my laptop. Normally, tapping the trackpad on my laptop is the same as clicking the physical button, but it doesn’t seem to work the same for the popups on the page. Tapping the trackpad seems to work for navigating through the tabs on the project page, but for some reason, does not seem to work for any popup menus like the logout menu in the picture above or the more actions menu on the form page in the picture below. Both work when I use the physical button to click on the menu option.


I don’t know if this issue is just limited to my laptop because of how my company configures it, but I have not noticed this issue on any other websites. I think I should be okay now that I understand what is happening, though. Just wanted to let you know the solution. Thanks for your help.


I am also facing same issue for a while.One thing i don,t understand is by clicking which physical button your issue was resolved.I tried with enter button.Can you please guide me in this.Thank in advance.

@libtech_2020, maybe you will also need to try a different browser and also a different PC to see if the issue gets solved there.

Hello. I face the same problems quite often :

  • when i click to log out nothing happens. seems like to website doesn’t register my request
  • when i click to download xls nothing happens either.

I dont understand the solution proposed which is to “click the physical button”. What does that mean?

@MargauxSaillard, maybe clearing the cache of the browser should also be helpful in this case.

This is mind blowing, thank you so much for sharing this solution!

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Hello I can’t logout of my account. What could be the problem.

Welcome to the community, @elamach_benson! Would you mind clearing your browser’s cache to see how it behaves?