Can't count nested repeat groups with similar names that has underscores in them

I’m using the underscore case naming, but it seems I need to change to camal case
I’m collecting awareness data
I have a repeat group which has the session basic information named “grp_rpt”, and in it I has another repeat group in it which has the beneficiaries information named “grp_bnfs”
I have two calculate question in which I’m getteing how many groups and how many beneficiaries where added… so the calculation ar respectivily:

  • count(${grp_rpt})
  • count(${grp_bnfs})

but when I try to publish the project I get an error, and when I change to camal case (grpRpt, grpBnfs) it wokrs with no problems.

Which error do you get, please?
Can you check your form with the Online validator, please, and provide a screenshot of its error message.

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@Sobaie_Mando, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

thank you for the respond
the error message is: “Cycle detected in form's relevant and calculation logic!”
the problem is raised by the calculation “count(${grp_bnfs})”, and I thing it is because the repeat group “grp_bnfs” is in another repeat (nested repeat)

Can you share a related minimized extract of your form (in XLSForm) format, please?

thank you for your response, it seems the cycle error was solved
but now I have the problem where ${grp_bnfs} count isn’t updating when I add a new beneficiary
and here is the minimized XLSForm:
Awareness XLS.xlsx (14.0 KB)