Can't create a select_multiple question based on a list generated by responses


I am building a survey in XLS and I’m trying to create a question type where the user selects multiple options from a list based on responses they gave in a previous repeated section.

The respondent provides information on household members (names, occupation, etc). We then ask another question asking if any household members have worked for a specific business we are collaborating with in our research project. If they answer yes, we want the respondent to identify which one(s).

The question type code I was using was “select_multiple${NameHH}” which is the question name in the repeated section that collects hh member names. However, when I upload the form to kobotoolbox, those question types get an error. Is it possible to do this? Or should I try another solution?

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Please share a xlsform so the community can help you.

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@tboswellut, were you refering to this which has been discussed in our previous post:

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This was the solution I was trying to adapt from. Although, in our project, we would like respondents to be able to select_multiple rather than just select_one. So if the respondent is prompted to indicate “which family members work or formerly worked at x business?” They would be able to check the boxes next to the names. Does the solution work with “select_multiple” in kobotoolbox? As I have it now it doesn’t work.

begin_repeat hh_members ${F1_1}
text F2_01 yes Household member name
select_one relation F2_02 yes Relationship to head of household
select_one sex horizontal-compact F2_03 yes Sex
integer horizontal-compact F2_04 yes Age
end_repeat hh_members
select_one yes_no_dk horizontal-compact F2_16 yes Does anyone in the household currently work at the the mill?
select_multiple${F2_01} F2_17 yes ${F2_16} = ‘1’ Select household member(s) from list
select_one yes_no_dk horizontal-compact F2_18 yes ${F2_16} = ‘0’ or ${F2_16} = ‘99’ Has anyone in the household ever worked at the mill?
select_multiple${F2_01} F2_19 yes ${F2_18} = ‘1’ Select household member(s) from list

thanks @tboswellut @Kal_Lam
Apparently the feature “select_multiple from repeat group” is not available yet
But if we expect the maximum number of choices, we can overcome the issue with an alternative solution

Book1.xlsx (11.3 KB)

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