Can't push my data from kf server to eu server

I’m trying to migrate my data from on serve to one other using this: Can I push data, which have been pulled from Aggregate? - #16 by imran3may

But when I push my data with ODK Briefcase to EU server it reports an error that my form doesn’t exixts in the eu server but I’ve followed all the spetps and I’ve deployed my form and I’ve done all the stuff.

The error:
Start pushing form and submissions
Form doesn’t exist in Aggregate
Sending form
Error sending form: Forbidden
Sending submission 1 of 119
Sending submission 2 of 119
Success with errors
Any help please @Kal_Lam ? Regards

Welcome back to the community, @gerardramon! Maybe try this python script to migrate your data from one server to another by following this post discussed previously that has a python snippet …

“Aggregate” is the former ODK server (now "Central), not KoboToolbox.

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