Can't retrieve shared forms on KoBoCollect


I’m triying to retrieve a shared form in my Kobo Collect and I’m unable to.

I have reviewed like 4 posts about the issue and the support articles and I seem to be doing everything right.

I see the shared form on my account in the web app, and I’m able to see my own forms in Kobo Collect, what I can’t see is the form shared with me by my partner.

I am still trying to identify what exactly is the problem. Kindly indicate if it is the following:
If you meant that you cannot see the form shared to you on your KoBoCollect Application, I would suggest the following steps.

  1. Confirm that the account shared to you was the same account in the KoBoCollect application.
  2. Ask the person to remove the sharing permissions and then reassign them to you.
  3. Reconnect your KoBoCollect app and see if this solves the issue.

If the above does not cover your issue, kindly indicated with clear examples (screenshots) to enable us support you.

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I asked for the reassign to the project, it didn’t solve the issue.

This is my web dashboard of my projects and the shared ones.

Sorry, as new user I con only post one image per post…

As you can see, there is no problem in the web app.

This is my server configuration screen.

This is my partner configuration screen.

And this is my screen when I try to open a blank form.

I can open only my own project, not the one shared.

Hi @hescalar,

The problem is with the URL you typed.

Try using this URL:

The username and the password are OK.

Have a great day!