Cascade question unable to modify form


I hope you are doing fine. I was able to deploy my survey, and worked perfectly. I juste wanted to add one question (nothing to do with the cascading effect) and just after this change, I can preview and deploy, but I’m not able to modify or do any submission. The following message or error pops in:

Une erreur s’est produite durant le chargement de ce formulaire. Il est recommandé de ne pas utiliser ce formulaire pour entrer des données jusqu’à ce que ce soit résolu.

Merci de contacter en incluant le lien vers cette page et le message d’erreur ci-dessous :

  • Les données n’ont pu être chargées depuis jr://file-csv/previous_medians.csv


Could you kindly provide us the following information through a private message (maybe we could look at it more closely to see if something is affecting):

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Seems like you are using pulldata function but I don’t see the csv file being uploaded in SETTINGS>Media.

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Thanks a lot for the support, indeed I was missing a file. I uploaded the CSV and it works perfectly.

Have a good day!