Cascade Questions / Answers - Results shared across multiple previous answers

Morning all, hope KoBo’s keeping us busy?

We’re organising a cascade set of questions for the first time.

We have some answers on follow on questions which come up as a result of multiple answers from the previous question.

How do we organise this on the template? Do we just repeat the answer against each list_name?

Any help would be appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend!

Welcome back to the community, @wurzel_grumage! Did you mean you wish to create a cascading select question for a select_multiple question type?

Thanks @Kal_Lam, it’s been a while! Hope you’re good?

Sorry, I mean more that an option has the potential to come up after various answers further down the cascade chain.

For example: the initial question could be, what type of work was undertaken?

Option 1: Wheelchair repair
Option 2: Prosthesis repair

From there a follow on question list listing materials could be:

After wheelchair repair chosen: Rubber, glue, innertubes, out covers

After prosthesis repair chosen: Rubber, glue, knee, pylon

As you can see, some answers are the same for both questions. So wondering how to format the template to accommodate this.

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@wurzel_grumage, maybe you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

@kai_lam, legend! Thanks for the guidance. So if I understand correctly, we should use a cascade template and format it in the way identified?

Also I did do a bit of a basic search for solutions before posting but didn’t have any luck. Do you have any recommendations on how to search better?


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You could always use the Search as shown in the image below to find any issues related to KoboToolbox: