Cascade Select Within a Repeat Group

I have a problem of cascading selects within a repeat group . Any advise is welcome .
Thank you in advance

could you explain exactly what problems are you facing?


I’m replying here rather than starting a new post as I have the same issue. We are working on a food consumption form that should include 2 repeat groups (2nd one within the 1st), and with 3 levels of cascading selection in the 2nd repeat group.

The form was coded in excel, but when I upload it on kobo there are 2 issues:

  • it can’t be deployed ( unable to deploy - # Server Error (500))
  • when I try the form on the preview and redownload the xls form on my computer, the codes in the relevant columns are messed up.

The form is attached.

Any advice?

Thank you

Consumption tool_140319.xlsx (42.4 KB)