Cascading question in many to many relationship

I am dealing with a project where I should use cascading select for a project which has many to many relationship. Can you help me with designing a cascading question for this?

Hi @destaye, Welcome to community!, Could you provide us more details so we can understand better and try to help?


Thank you @osmanburcu, I have attached screenshot of my xls file. As you can see on my choice sheet I have indicators associated with more than one projects, as I have placed them with comma. But I dont know how to bring them together with cascading list.

@destaye, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

This support article Adding Cascading Select Questions should also help you understand more about the cascading select questions.

Thank you @Kal_Lam , but mine is a bit different. because one project is associated with many indicators that are associated with another project too. either I should write down my indicators on different columns so that I can associate them with my projects. But in that case I have a bulk data and I dont think I could upload it on kobo.

@destaye, so you mean it’s from a select_multiple question type rather then a select_one question type? Did I get you correct?