cascading select in repeat group - countries and provinces

Thanks in advance!

I’m trying to create a repeat group to capture all the locations someone has been.

In a repeat group ${paises_transito} I have a select one for countries ${pais} , and the next question is a select-on for provinces ${provincia} with a cascading select that the provinces that appear are those within the particular country. In the webform it worked perfectly, however in KoboCollect, on the second + repeats, the municipalities list does not appear and I get the message saying I may need to use indexed-repeat().

I’ve never used indexed-repeat before, and most examples I can find are for referencing a previous repeat group. Based on my googling, I may need to use current(), which I have also never used before. I’m also unclear why it works in the webform but not in KoboCollect.

Any advice on this would be very helpful, thank you!