Cascading selections

I’ve made loads of surveys using cascading options previously in Ona/ODK, but this is my first time on Kobo and I just cannot make them work. I’m doing them in XLS and I’ve found a number of tutorials, each of which have a different way of doing them. I’ve tried them all but nothing is functioning at all. I have 4 different locations, some of the choice_filters in examples have only one filter and others have several. I’ve tried all different ways but still not functioning. Can anyone provide me with a clear functioning example I can look at?

The example in here under help is not helping at all, as the name on the survey tab is different from the list_name on the choices tab, which I have tried but not functioning…

Hi @sintang20,

Welcome to the community! We have some sample workarounds that could help you solve your issue. Would you mind having a look and see if it helps you:

This workaround (is a bit complex) and should also be helpful:

As a backup you could also have a look at our support article ADDING CASCADING SELECT QUESTIONS.

Have a great day!

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