Changed project settings (KoBoCollect app)


A follow-up question to my previous topic. We use KoBoCollect app. We have restricted the user permissions to the minimum, i.e. they can only access a small number on form management settings. We don’t want to share the admin password with the users.

I as an admin now changed the project settings on my “admin device” (constraint processing → validate upon forward swipe). But on my “user device” (same project and username), the old settings still apply.

On my “user device”, I cannot reconfigure the project settings, because the QR code scan is behind the protected settings.

Is there any easy way to update the project settings on the user device without the admin password? I would not want our users to add a duplicate project just because of this.

@Suvi, maybe if you do not want to share the admin username and password you could create an enumerator’s username and password. Share the project to the enumerator’s account and then share the enumerator’s password with the team (which should be much safer).

But wouldn’t that mean that the users/enumerators can change all project settings on their devices as they please? That’s what we want to avoid.

Earlier, we had separate usernames for “admin” and enumerators (well, I still have my own username that I use to manage the templates on the web platform) but I couldn’t find a way to limit the other usernames’ access to certain app settings.

Hello @Suvi,
If I understand well, you are talking about the admin protection/password for the settings on the device (independent of your admin account data)?

You could open with current password and then reconfigure with new QR/Barcode:

  • First manually open settngs with password.
  • Reconfigure with new QR/Barcode, directly afterwards, to adapt the settings and set a (new) password again.

Another option would by:

  • Finalise and submitt all pending data
  • Deinstall Collect
  • Reinstall Collect (default is no protection)
  • Configure with QR/Barcode and adapted settings.
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Yes @wroos, that’s exactly what I mean! I am talking about the KoBoCollect app settings on the user/enumerator devices.

Could you clarify what do you mean by this:

I assume by barcodes you mean QR codes, right? How can the user/enumerator do this, if they cannot access the protected settings? That’s where the reconfiguration/scan QR code is located.

Please also note that we have many users/enumerators and devices around the Globe (they all use the same username), and we really need a way to change the app settings on all devices without a hassle.

That’s why the second option you suggested (deinstall and reinstall) is not ideal either, because it’s highly likely that not everyone can do this without my support,

I tried to go round this by “adding a project” on the KoBoCollect app, but it only allows me to add duplicate (not ideal, since the users may then end up using the old one anyway) or switch to existing project (with old, flawed settings). Could we have a third option “update existing project”?

Hello @Suvi,
You are right. Option 1 only works with manual password entry to open settings. I updated my previous posting.
Option 2 might be preferable as this will make sure that all previous configurations are removed.

You might combine both options with a new user (and remove all access rights from the previous one). Especially option 2 might also use a new project.

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Thanks @wroos.

It’s a pity there’s no simple way around this but both options require many steps from me and/or the users, possibly creating confusion to some of them. I’ll do some tests and see what to do.

Basically, this sounds like we need to start from the scratch (with the app) just because I made a minor mistake in app settings. What if other such issues come up later on? We’d need to redo this every time - really inconvenient.

Should I write a new topic under Suggestion Box, or will this feedback reach the team who decides what to develop from here?

Hello @Suvi,
Yes, I would recommend Suggestion box. (You may link to your postings here.)
This can happen to other projects too.