Reconfigure app settings on enumerator devices

Continuing the discussion from Changed project settings (KoBoCollect app):


Could you please make it possible to reconfigure app settings on enumerator devices with simple steps only and without admin password.

Feature name: Reconfigure with QR code
Deadline/date needed by: asap

What is the general goal of the feature?
To allow the enumerators to update the app/project settings on their devices using a QR code from admin.

What is a possible user story for how and when this would be used by someone on your team?
We have several enumerators in different locations and an admin at the HQ. On KoBoCollect app, everyone use the same username, but only the admin has access to most settings.
When using the app, we noticed that some settings are not ideal for the data collection in practice, and want to update the settings on all enumerator devices.
The admin makes the required changes in the app settings, and shares the new QR code to the enumerators.
The enumerators reconfigure their app/project with the new QR code, and can access the feature directly from the main page.
The data collection can be continued with minimum interruption.

@Suvi, pinging this suggestion with @Xiphware. Maybe Xiphware should be able to take it forward.

@Xiphware, you should also be able to find the original post here: