Checking for duplicates during data entry

Hello there, i have been trying to know if there is a mechanism to check for already entered data from webforms or Kobocollect. An example is entering serial numbers, say “VNDRGT05T”, in first entry, is there a way it will pope up in the second entry that the serial number “VNDRGT05T” is already entered? and so will tell me that its already existing?

Welcome @lacaselaprofe,

  • Do you mean in the same form or in different form cases/submissions, please?
  • Do you mean check against the last saved form on the same device or any submitted form case on server level?
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i mean in the same form submissions and in the same device.

in real time when am entering data or information using the built form

Can you share the related (anonymised) extract of your form, please?

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ok. let me try to do the extract of what you are saying

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