Choices missing from a survey project

Good noon, a follow up again on my tool. There are other questions which i need to ask on a routine basis, but they are showing questions only without choices on the app, how to rectify this.Routine IAPOS_Questionnaire.xlsx (31.4 KB)

@douglascharivanda, could you also share with us a screenshot of the same so that we could understand your issue pictorially?

so i am not seeing the choices for the routine questions i need to ask

@douglascharivanda, could you also share with us the CSV file used for this project?

ihh.csv (9.1 KB)

@douglascharivanda, when looking at your xlsform, I see that you have used the read_only TRUE for a select_one question:

This is what is causing the issue at your end.

Thank you! I have effected the changes

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