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J’ai fait un test de terrain et les agents enquêteurs en envoyé les formules remplis. Je veux les supprimer sur le serveur. Comment procéder?

you can delete the submissiond in open mode (one by one) or as bulk delete (see Kal_Lam below).
Or you could reinstall the project by first cloning the project and then deleting the original (incl. all data) or by deleting and recreating it by importing your original (downloaded) XlSForm…

I don’t think so, but be careful when cloning if you worked with XSForm instead of Formbuilder as I am not sure if cloning has any relation to the Formbuilder. The Formbuilder has some differences/incompatibilities to XLSForm, e.g. not allowing hidden (and audit) as variable type. Maybe some of the experts (@Kal_Lam, @Xiphware …) may tell us more?

Great that you do Pre-Test of field work, incl. data transmission.


Welcome back to the community @odalex! You should be able to delete your records from the KoBoToolbox server by following the instructions outlined in the support article Editing or Deleting a Single Submission. Or you could also delete a group of records as outlined in the post discussed prviously:

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