Column headings and answers not aligned

I am hoping someone will be able to help me out. For some reason, partway through my form, the column headings and the answers in my download stop being aligned. I have checked the xls form and the survey and nothing seems to be out of place. Has anyone had this issue before??

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ameliawenger,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly share us the screenshot of the issue that you are having? This would help us better understand the issue and provide you with specific response to the solution!


I had this problem when i had open ended questions in my form and enumerators entered , (comma) and/or ; (dot comma) as part of their responses…

When opening, Excel treats them as ‘row breaks’


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Hi Jozef
This is definitely an issue on how you have set XLS to convert the CSV file. You should always ensure you define the text confounders i.e. what defines the full text and not unintentional column break. This always solves the issue for having commas as part of the data. I suggest you share teh screenshots as @Kal_Lam had indicated so that we can look at it further. As a quick query, do you download your data as CSV, XLS or XLS legacy? If so, what is the difference in behaviour for all of them?


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