Commercial usage?

Hi all,

I’d like to start using the Kobotoolbox servers for some commercial purposes. The number of surveys and instances is going to be quite high. On the sign-up page it says that the limit for free accounts is 10,000 submissions per month: ours will be much more than this.

Can you guide me through the pricing and other details?


Hi @ks_1,

You will be informed in detail by our team soon! GOOD DAY!

@Kal_Lam, nobody has contacted me yet.

Hi @ks_1, can you please send an email to Our team will discuss pricing via email. Thank you.

Apologies for the delay.

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Need to get in touch with a contact from your side.

Hey need to get in touch with the core kobo team. This is Paul from Uganda. We are running a TB project and will need to be supported to manage over 40,000 submissions per month. We are well aware that this may attract extra fees. How do we reach out to a contact from your side for more guidance


Hi @20paul,

Would you mind sending an email to Our team should deal with you in detail.

Have a great day!

Thanks but can I use my gmail account? I tried already and failed. Please assist

Hi @20paul,

You just need to send an email to from any of your email account.

Have a great day!