Concatenate options based on previous questions


I am trying to concatenate options from a previous question into a new question.

For example,
Q1. What brand of pasta do you sell?
2. Lele
Q2. What type of Gino pasta do you sell?
1. Long

Q3. What size of Long Gino pasta do you sell?
1. Big size
2. Long size

Now this question
Q4. Which pasta do people buy the most?
1. Gino Long Big size
2. Gino Long Small size
3. Gino Short Big size
4. Gino Short Small size

Q4. Should concatenate the options from previous questions and display them.

I have attached the XLS form.

@morenikeji, did you mean you wish to use the Gino or Lele used in Q1 for other questions?

Hi @Kal_Lam, so I want to use the options selected in Q1 through to Q3.
So if say someone selected Gino in Q1, Long in Q2 and Big size in Q3. The options at Q4 would appear as Gino Long Big size and this become the first answer option for Q4 and others will also be listed depending on the options that were selected in Q1 through to Q3.
Is there a way to achieve this.

OK, so one more question here. So why would you like to have Q4 as a select one question? Wouldn’t Q4 be a note question type OK in your case that holds the cancatination value?

Okay, so how can I achieve this?

@wroos, I don’t think I fully understand this.

I am new to this platform and I am still trying to figure my way around.

So is it that I can’t ask two separate questions on the same day?

I mistakenly replied to a previous discussion earlier instead of replying to my topic. I figured if I’m to reply to something I stick with my topic. And when I realized the mistake I deleted the previous reply and after deleting I then replied to my topic.

But I’m currently posting on two different topics. So is it that I can’t do this? Should a topic be addressed and solved before I start a new topic.?

Can you please clarify.

I am sorry. If you think it is different topics. I delete my post. My feeling was that it is all around your same form example, so it might be better to treat all elements together.