Conditioning answers

Hi guys! I hope you can help me out with this. I need to condition a response that is inside a repeat. First of all, we have the question: how many people make up your family unit? If the answer indicates 02 people, then 02 sections are displayed to fill out the demographic information (age, sex, etc.). If, however, 03 people are indicated, then 03 sections are displayed and so on. However, each section must indicate the relationship of each family member, who is: (i) Main Interlocutor (person interviewed that should always exist in the survey); (ii) Son/Daughter; (iii) Spouse; (iv) Uncle, and so on. When filling out the Survey, interviewers sometimes forget to select the “Main Interlocutor”. In other cases, they enter more than one “Main Interlocutor”, which is technically incorrect. My question is, how can I condition the response, so that an alarm goes out when the “Main Interlocutor” is not selected? And/or when you have been selected the “Main Interlocutor” more than once? Thank you very much.

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This post by Kal can help you to understand how to restrict choices already selected in a repeat group:

You might want to modify it to your needs.

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@md7, this post discussed previously should also help you out:

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