Configuring KoBoCollect android app by enumerators in the field

I have a field team who will be using the Kobo Collect app on their phones/tablets to collect data. Please assist me on how to go about creating unique credentials for them to input on their individual phones/tablets apps for data collection.
I do not wish to give them all one log in credential.

Do you mean you wish to collect metadata that is configured in the KoBoCollect android app?

I wish to have different users log in to Kobo collect app on their phones. Currently, they have to use the credentials I used to create the account on which I have set up the survey. I want them to log in to the app on their phones using unique credentials.

Oh! Do you mean you wish the enumerators to be able to configure their KoBoCollect android app for data collection?

Yes. That way, every team member will :

  1. Log in to Kobo Collect with their unique credentials
  2. Access the same survey
  3. Complete the survey
  4. Submit their results which will have a unique identifier once I download the survey results at the end of the day.

Maybe this post discussed previously should help your enumerators to configure the KoBoCollect android app and collect and sync data with the KoBoToolbox server:

Not quite what I was looking for but I’ll work with creating one account for all enumerators to use on their devices(this will only have “view and edit forms rights” and another one for me with permissions to view and edit both forms and submissions.

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Maybe you could also configure the username to keep track of the enumerators data quality in both your survey project and KoBoCollect android app as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Ok I’ll have a look at it. Stepping out for a meeting.

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I tried this and the server could recognise them I ended up getting "not found’’
Can someone assist please

Welcome to the community, @Lembris! Could you also share a screenshot of your app’s settings with the community from SETTINGS>Server?

@Kal_Lam thanks. In my case, i had two accounts with the same server One account is used for users and one account is set as administrator ( can edit, resubmit, etc.). Some forms can be seen by user but some it does not accept.

When I share the project it says users not available