Constraints - stooping zero household occupancy

I am failing to put a constraint that will stop capturing if the household has zero occupancy. Can someone help? I have the following variables
Y18to60Yrs and
How can I ensure that the app doesn’t continue if the total is 0 or less

I tried this where the sum of all those variables must be greater than zero like this
(${Under2s} +${Y2to5Yrs} + ${Y5to18Yrs} + ${Y18to60Yrs} + ${Over60s}) >0

Hello @bkgwadi,
What is the error you get?

Maybe you need to work with coalesce().
Or set a 0 default for all ages.

Side-note: Maybe clear ages naming: Borders of 5 and 18? ${Y2to5Yrs} + ${Y5to18Yrs}
5 years old (birthday): Is this in first or 2nd group?

I get no error as such. My constraint statement is not preventing (controlling) as my aim. Those are the age categories that I need in my tool according to some indicator. Y5to18Yrs will be for “Number of 5 to 18 year olds in the household”. So I want to prevent a GIGO effect whereby a user can input zeros and the app should control against household occupancy. Anyone to help in constituting that control statement?

Hi @bkgwadi
You need to use a step-by-step approach to validate each entry progressively. Could you confirm the following:

  • What is your intended data collection approach?
  • Are these questions appearing in a group with an appearance setting field-list?



Hie. I want to check if there is a household with zero membership on the last variable and if so, error message with an aim to re-enter anew the 5 variables again just in case the capturer might have missed it.

These are not in a group, I can put them in a group but I will still be stuck with failure to control the above situation.

So, ${Y2to5Yrs} is 2 years (from birthday on) up to LESS than 5 years?
And ${Y5to18Yrs} is 5 and more up to LESS than 18 years?

If a person is 5 years old do I count her/him in ${Y2to5Yrs} OR in ${Y5to18Yrs} ??

Would you mind to provide the related part of your form to the community to allow better support?

HouseholdOccupancy.xlsx (24.2 KB)
Check my constraint on row 18. I am trying to check if total household occupancy is zero, if so then we re-capture from row 14.

@bkgwadi, maybe this is something what you were looking for.

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

Data entry screen as seen in Enekto: when the sum is >0

Data entry screen as seen in Enekto: when the sum is equal to 0

Reference xlsform:

Household Occupancy.xlsx (12.8 KB)