Convert Line or Area coordinates to WKT or something QGIS can open?

Does anyone have a method they use to convert the sequence of points the Kobo form records when recording a line or area feature into Well-Known Text (WKT) or some other format that would be accessible in QGIS?

Currently, the kobo form records a line as a sequence of points separated by semicolon in the format :

“latitude longitude elevation accuracy”

Areas are the same except the last point is the same as the first.

The problem with attempting to automatically convert this is into WKT (which is just a sequence of points) is the elevation and accuracy values. I suppose it would not be that difficult in a spreadsheet to expand the cell into 4 columns by the spaces and then delete the elevation and accuracy columns, and then recombine into one column and add WKT and the opening and closing (). But this would become tedious.

Ideally, the Kobo form could export into WKT directly, that would be very handy for immediate mapping into QGIS.


You seemed to have had a solution though tedious as you noted. I have however passed this as a suggestion for future development.