Copying or duplicating responses

Is it possible to somehow take a response in Kobo and either duplicate it or make a copy of it? We have a scenario where we would like to be able to effectively make annual updates to our responses, while preserving all of the past response data.

For instance, for company “A”, we have a form that is filled out once, but then a year later we will come back and review/refresh that data, and each year going forward (think due diligence or vendor management).

If we could somehow make a copy of last year’s response, we could simply change the date and update any information we needed without having to re-enter our old data.

Hi @kevinholl

Would the Pull Data () function help you achieve your goal?

I don’t think we can use that as we input our forms exclusively on the web, not via the KoboCollect app. As I understand it the PullData function doesn’t work on the web.

Incidentally, I asked the same question over in the Developer forum, and we ended up cobbling together a solution using the Kobo API: