Could we use a separator when entering monitory value in our data entry form?

I ADORE Kobo. Thanks so much for putting this marvel together. I have a little issue that I think can make a huge improvement. I am collecting data on how much money does a street food vendor spend per day in ingredients. Our team constantly mispells the anwers driving my data crazy, becaus as you write numbers, they dont show separations. I think this is better illustrade with an example.
300000 is easier tu understand if I see it like this as I type: 300.000. I know decimals are not written in a standard way acrros cultures (we actually use a comma and not a dot, BUT i still think that when referring to money it is easier to have a separator…

Am I clear? Do yo think it is possible?

@AnaMariaGonzalez, you could solve your issue by following the post discussed previously: